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Rupa Islan
Aug 02, 2022
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Including the name of the medical institution, fee type, patient name, gender, age, outpatient medical record number, department, clinical diagnosis, date of issuance, etc., items with special requirements can be added. The prescriptions for narcotic drugs and first-class psychoactive drugs shall also include the patient's identification number, the name Buy email list of the agent, and the identification number. 2) Prescription square Prescription head: The prescription starts with "R" or "RP", which means to take the following medicines. The main part of the prescription, including the name, dosage form, strength, quantity, usage, etc. of the drug. 3) Prescription postscript Physician's signature or affixed with a special signature, the amount of the drug, and the review, deployment, verification, and dispensing of the pharmacist's signature or special signature. 2. Prescribing rules The prescription is valid on the day it is issued. If the validity period needs to be extended under special circumstances, the doctor who issued the prescription shall indicate the validity period, but the maximum validity period shall not exceed 3 days. Prescriptions generally should not exceed 7 days' consumption, and emergency prescriptions generally should not exceed 3 days' consumption. For some chronic diseases, geriatric diseases or special conditions, the prescribed dosage can be appropriately extended, but the physician should indicate the reasons. Prescription color: the printing paper for ordinary prescriptions is white; the printing paper for emergency prescriptions is light yellow, and the upper right corner is marked with "emergency"; the paediatric prescription printing paper is light green, and the upper right corner is marked with "pediatrics"; narcotic drugs and Class I The printing paper for the prescription of psychotropic drugs is light red, and the upper right corner is marked with "hemp, Jingyi"; the second type of psychotropic drug prescription printing paper is white, and the upper right corner is marked with "Jing2".
Medical - Prescribing Rules
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Rupa Islan

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